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Experience paradise in the serene setting of Mauritius. Relax on the exotic beaches, or discover the wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Mauritius offers an unforgettable holiday full of history, charm and indulgent memories.

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The stunning Mauritius offers tranquility and exoticism setting the scene for a delightful holiday. Unforgettable pleasures, serenity and beauty are the main experiences of this blissful location which offers a rich and diverse landscape to explore. Visitors can relax and unwind, let their senses take hold of this paradisiacal island, and simply enjoy their luxurious accommodation. Pure white sands lead onto crystalline waters hiding a rainbow of colour. Magnificent marine life crowds the delightful coral reefs and an assortment of indigenous plant life drapes this volcanic island.

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Hotels Bahamas 2015 & 2016 & Warm Caribbean waters

Holidays in the Bahamas can be taken in some fabulous hotels. We offer some of the best hotels rates available for the Bahamas so enter your dates and get your accommodation secured. 

Of the coast of Florida, the Bahamas is a collection of three main islands and hundreds of smaller ones. The capital city, Nassau is on New Providence Island, which is very close by Paradise Island but the largest of the islands is Grand Bahama, with its main city, Freeport. You can easily visit both New Providence and Paradise Islands from a base on either, but would need an internal flight to reach Grand Bahama Island, if you decided not to stay there. With a unique mix of international glamour and laid back tropical simplicity, these unique islands give the visitor freedom to do very little, or to do really a lot, the choice is yours.

There really is something for everyone on Grand Bahama Island which will show you an unforgettable mixture of charm, attractions and ecological treasures. Grand Bahama offers many golfing opportunities with four championship level courses along with ample shopping prospects, cave explorations or fishing trips, every day provides an exciting catalogue of activities. When you have done all you want, or maybe done nothing more active than a stroll on the beach under the warm sun, there is ample choice of accommodation to consider, at all budgets and requirements.

Bring all the family, too, there is no lack of family fun on the islands. Snorkel or ride on a glass-bottom boat over wonderfully coloured coral reefs, swim with dolphins and stingrays. On Grand Bahama kayak through Gold Rock Creek, watch egrets and blue herons at Duck Pond, or just chill out relax at the pool in your hotel or on the beach. The Blue Lagoon Swim with the Dolphins program in Nassau is one of the most popular in the Bahamas. Swim, play and enjoy time with these fantastic creatures.

Look beyond the coast, go inland and experience the local way of life, history, natural wonders and the developments by man. 
Wander through remote villages and old plantations or go and explore a cave in the cool.  If you are looking for the natural history and the history of the islands, then you must see the endangered Bahamas parrot and rare flower species. Or visit the museums, which will show you history from before Columbus to the current day. Watch the changing of the guard outside Government House in Nassau. Every one of the islands offers different aspects of life and the events that mounded the current circumstances. 

Or looking for the perfect beach getaway holiday? Consider any of the astounding beaches, with endless powdery sand and clear turquoise water. Very easy to spend your time doing very little but soak up the sun and the local beach life. 

Feel you need to get away from it all for a while? There are over six hundred other islands that make up The Islands Of The Bahamas. Here you will find secluded beaches, dive sites and fishing opportunities. If you are looking for a holiday that is away from it all, go and explore what they call the Out Islands.
Time for dinner? If you are looking for fine dining or something a little simpler, Bahamian cuisine is available at the beach, by the side of the road, and in top class restaurants, with international options. For excellent value on any of the islands, consider the many all inclusive deals available, great value for money and no surprises!
There are so many great options on any of the Bahamas islands, the only problem you will have is deciding which one!

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The Caribbean is full of idyllic islands, blue waters and perfect weather just waiting for you to discover it.

The Caribbean Islands benefit from a variety of cheerful hotels, luxury resorts, the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, the sub tropical climate and a laid back lifestyle. The Caribbean Islands lie between North and South America and are a mix of white, golden and black sand beaches. With each of the islands being unique you are sure to find something to suit your taste. The Dominican has its cigars, Jamaica offers rum and the Bahamas has big game fishing. Wherever you decide to go, let Quickrooms.com find your accommodation.

Jamaica is perhaps the most famous of the Caribbean islands and is home to reggae, ska and dancehall music. With everything from golf courses, hill treks, an abundance of wildlife and plenty of nightlife, Jamaica has a lot to offer. The neighbouring island of Hispaniola is divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Dominican is a wonder of cigars, rum and wonderful beaches.  

With over 700 islands each of them as unique as it is diverse; the Bahamas has something to suit every palate. Come here for big game fishing like tuna and swordfish or just for the scuba diving and snorkelling. The Bahamas gives you the chance to be stranded on your own island or to live the life of luxury in one of the top hotels.

The tiny volcanic island of St Lucia is a green and lush paradise. The volcanic nature of the island gives the island its unique characteristics. Here you can go trekking through the rainforest, hiking up the mountains, kayaking along the coast or kite surfing through the waters. With so much to do you will never be bored.

The Caribbean Islands often called the West Indies are amongst the most scenic and idyllic islands in the world. Here the aqua waters, lush sands of every hue and constant sunshine make them so appealing. If you want a taste of paradise then come to the Caribbean.

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The Caribbean gem of Jamaica is famous for its rum, reggae music and of course Bob Marley.

The welcoming hotels, rugged terrain and warm waters which lap the islands white beaches are what keep people coming back to Jamaica. The island of Jamaica is home to reggae music, Bob Marley and the Jamaican bob sleigh team. With activities aplenty and a love of all things to do with sport, Jamaica offers an action packed Caribbean holiday in the sun. With plenty of accommodation offers, Quickrooms.com will cater for all of your needs.

This Caribbean gem is full of surprises, from its wildlife which is rich and varied to its action packed outdoor pursuits. Here you can go walking or trekking through the forests, keeping an eye out for tree frogs and iguanas, or horse riding along the trails and beaches. For a taste of adventure go rock climbing up the face of a waterfall, or kayaking along the river on a journey of discovery. Head to Montego Bay for the golf, here the fresh air and breathtaking scenery will keep you feeling healthy.

Of course Jamaica is famous for its music and here you will find a mix of Reggae and dancehall, ska and mento. With its soft melodies, rhythmic lyrics and appealing nature, the music is perfect for dancing to. The drink of choice for locals and tourists alike is the famous Jamaican rum. The most popular is the white rum which has not been aged, but the aged darker rum offers a smoother and more palatable taste.

Jamaica is the perfect island to come to for adventure or simply to unwind and relax. Lie in a hammock with a mochito in your hand and watch as the sun sinks into the water in a blaze of red glory. Offering a tropical climate with almost year round sun, Jamaica is what the Caribbean is all about.

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The country of Malaysia has a lot to offer from palm lined beaches and clear waters to modern cities bustling with shoppers.

The country of Malaysia lies in south-east Asia and is home to stunning islands, beautiful cities, great hotels and friendly people. With over 3000km’s of fantastic coastline, hot sunny weather and palm tree fringed beaches; this is a true holiday gem. Come here to enjoy the formula one racing in Kuala Lumpar or the pristine white beaches of Langkawi. Once you have decided on your destination let Quickrooms.com sort out your accommodation needs.

Malaysia lies between Singapore to the south and Thailand to the north. The countries most recognisable landmark is the twin towers of the Petronas building in Kuala Lumpar. Kuala Lumpar is a modern city which is filled with markets, shopping malls, bars and restaurants. Any trip to Malaysia would not be complete without a visit to the capital city. If you like your entertainment fast and loud then a trip to the annual Kuala Lumpar grand prix is a must.

Off the north-west coast the tropical island of Langkawi sits with its sun bleached white sandy beaches, palms trees, coral reefs and azure blue waters. Here the island is filled with luxury all inclusive resorts and hotels and simple chalet style accommodation. With golf courses, water sports, snorkelling and diving you are sure to be entertained.

Further down the coast the island of Penang is a verdant oasis filled with rainforest, botanical gardens, hill resorts and traditional Malay villages. Here the historic port city of Georgetown offers a scenic harbour and air conditioned shopping malls. Penang is a good destination from which to explore the surrounding islands in the Andaman Sea.

Malaysia is a diverse country with traditional villages and towns on the east coast and historical interest along the west coast. The hill towns offer relief from the humidity of low lying regions and the bustle of life in Kuala Lumpar. With such a mix of culture from British to Chinese and Indian this is a culturally rich country.

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The Island of Saint Lucia is a verdant oasis, which boasts great weather and fatastic sandy beaches.

With a mix of hotels on offer, secluded beaches, outstanding natural beauty and a sub tropical climate, St Lucia is a gem waiting to be discovered. St Lucia is a tropical paradise where rainforest sprawls across the island filled with tropical flowers and birds of every colour. With a full range of accommodation, Quickrooms.com will look after your holiday needs.

St Lucia offers action packed activities from walking and trekking to cycling and kite surfing. With its rugged interior and scenic coastline this island has a lot for visitors to do. St Lucia is great for walking to inland waterfalls, kayaking along the coast and up the rivers or whizzing along the trails on a mountain bike.

Notable landmarks on the island are the Pitons, these twin peaks act as a reminder of the island’s volcanic past. They are also great for hiking with Gros Piton the larger of the two being easily accessible to walkers of all abilities while its smaller twin is a dangerous climb which should only be attempted by experienced climbers. For those looking for the ultimate way to view the island why not take a helicopter ride around the coast and over the hills.

The island has a mix of food influences from Creole to French and Caribbean all vying for a place on the menu. Seafood always plays a big part on the menu with lobster, king prawns and red snapper all being popular. In the evening the local bars and restaurants come alive with the music of the island and on Fridays a street party descends on Gros Islet, where people go to dance the night away.

With a wealth of activities on offer, St Lucia caters to everyone. Whether you want to go deep sea fishing, whale and turtle watching, mountain biking or on a sunset cruise, this is the place to come. St Lucia may be a tiny island, but it is packed with possibilities.

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All Inclusive hotels in Tobago are a popular choice, but you will find some real quality on this Island on some of the best beaches in Tobago.

If your idyllic holiday is to relax on golden beaches by crystal blue seas where “laid back” is the norm, or if you seek the unforgettable experience of diving around the coral or amongst wrecks accompanied by spectacular marine life we can recommend an escape to the wonderful island of Tobago, the smaller island of its partnership with Trinidad with whom it was united as a British colony in 1889, and is the island reputed to have inspired the novel “Robinson Crusoe”.

Covering less than 120 square miles and measuring approximately 26 miles long and 6 miles wide the tropical climate offers an unforgettable experience. Unlike Trinidad, Tobago is not famous for its nightlife although that doesn`t mean clubs and bars don`t exist, far from it, but the general lifestyle is more relaxed than its more industrial neighbour.

Situated south of the hurricane belt climatically there are 2 seasons, July to October is the wet season and the dry season of December to June with January to May proving understandably more popular with temperatures consistently approaching 30 degrees Centigrade.

Accommodation varies from small village guest houses to the popular 5 star Hotels and Resorts which many visitors prefer, where every facility is available. Bird life is extensive and spectacular offering birdwatchers remarkable observation opportunities. The magnificent beaches provide sun worshipers with everything they might require, whilst there is the shaded sun lounger or hammock for those relaxing moments. Areas around Crown Point, Buccoo Bay, Pigeon Point and Store Bay are popular as are the magnificent beaches at Castara, Englishmans Bay and Bloody Bay, so named after a sea battle in 1666 when a British Fleet defeated a combined fleet of Dutch and French ships.

 The abundance of water sport activities allow you to indulge in swimming, snorkelling, wind surfing, kite surfing and scuba diving. The coral provides for wonderful diving off a number of beaches as do the wrecks at St Mountains bay, one of which, The Maverick Ferry was sunk intentionally for the purpose of providing divers with the opportunity to explore a sunken craft amongst varied and colourful marine life, whilst making sure the vessel is accessible safely.

The cuisine is indeed varied having been influenced from a number of areas of the world not least Africa, India, Latin America as well as Europe. Sea food is very popular with fishing one of the main local occupations. Curry and Roti, a thin pancake wrapped around meat and spiced vegetables are popular and the Hindu and Rastafarian communities ensure a wide range of vegetable options are also available in the restaurants and beach side cafes and bars. Beware however of over indulgence in the Rum Punch, traditional as it may be moderation is advised.

If sun and sand, a relaxed lifestyle with bird watching, golf, walking and water sport options plus a varied menu are your ideal holiday requirements then Tobago could be the place for you.

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